Pop Shop Houston Summer 2016

As proof that it’s been raining daily for what seems like months-it poured down on Houston on Sunday June 12.  Silver Street Studio did lose power, and that’s when I left, which proved more difficult than expected since Edwards St. was flooded.  My car is pretty small, so I stayed on high ground until the water subsided below my knees (which is where it was when I first left (and I know because I got out of my car like an idiot and walked toward the street)).

There were some cars that had been parked along the street and had been submerged in the flood water-but most people simply stayed at the event enjoying the crafts and community until the water subsided.

Thankfully I did get to meet some new readers-one of which is also a fan of author D.L. Young (who will be taking over my blog next month when he answers my 20 Questions…). This avid reader, John Husisian, was a pleasure to speak to, and a true fan of local authors (or anything well written).

Overall it was a great event in which I could see friends, make new friends, and share my gift of storytelling with someone new.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I’ll be at Comicpalooza on Sunday June 19 from 11-5 look forward to seeing you there!

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